Day of Dillemas (A MLP FiM Fan Fiction)

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Day of Dillemas (A MLP FiM Fan Fiction) Empty Day of Dillemas (A MLP FiM Fan Fiction)

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Plot: Many mishaps are going around all of Equestria, and our favourite group, along with the Cutie Crusaders, need to figure out whats going on. But who can stop a series of problems that are spreading like wildfire? And who can stop it?


Pinkie Pie bounced along the road, feeling as chipper as usual. Suddenly, her Pinkie Senses began kicking in. Her tail began twitching. She knew what that was. Running as fast as she could, she ducked under the closes item she could find, keeping her head and flank as covered as she could. A small horseshoe dropped from the sky, and upon seeing it, she climbed out from under a small picnic table. Looking up, she saw a Pegasus Pony flying just above the sky. Rainbow Dash.

"Te he, hi Rainbow, why did you drop down a horseshoe. You almost hit me. Ha!"

She giggled slightly, then looked up questioningly at Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash looked down at her.

"Sorry Pinkie Pie, I didn't mean to. I was trying out my horseshoe throwing, I was aiming for that cloud over there, but I didn't throw it strong enough, and it fell short."

Rainbow Dash pointed at a small cloud floating high above Pinkies house. Flying over to it, and landing on it, Rainbow called out:

"I'm gonna lower it bit, hey, maybe we should go see how Twilight's doing. She has been feeling a bit bad, her unicorn magic isn't working properly."

Rainbow Dash flew to one end of the cloud, and pushed forward, on a downward angle, lowering the cloud, and inching it forward. Dropping back to the ground, she sat next to Pinkie Pie.

"OK, sounds great. Lets go!"

Pinkie Pie giggled, and began walking towards the Ponyville Library. Twilight Sparkle had been living there ever since Princess Celestia had assigned her to live in Ponyville, because Twilight did not have a house, and loved to read and study, and the library had a room in it, with a bed, Twilight was assigned to live there.

Walking up, Pinkie Pie stopped. Her ears began flopping, then her eyes started fluttering, and then finally, her knees began shaking.

"Stop Rainbow Dash. Watch out for opening-"

The door to the library swung open, and hit Rainbow Dash over, knocking her over. A beautiful soft purple pony, with a darker mane and tail, which included a pink stripe, and a beautiful pink star on her flank. Her cutie Mark represented her magic, which was her special talent. Her unicorn horn had a soft glow around it, and a book, with a similar soft pink glow around it, floated through the air.


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