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Post  koolkatkoolkat123 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:05 pm

I was inspired by David Clement Davis's fantastic book about wolves The Sight and Andrea Cremars Nightshade a brilliant book about werewolves but slightly different to the myths

Midnight Forest Pack

High ranked
Alpha Female
Arctic/Alexandria Riche
Alex in human form is a tall slender agile female with long brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. She is rather handy with knives and bow and arrows. In human form she wears a dark blue dress but only for formal occasions. For normal she wears a practical red t shirt and blue jeans with white trainers. In wolf form she is a large white she wolf with blue spots and circles, some think that it is a sign of great power and destiny. In truth she is rather powerful, being descended from so many Alphas so strength and wisdom runs in her blood. Oddly she is in love with Daniel/Demon, its strange because Alphas are often chosen because of strength and wisdom not love but Demon has been doing a good job of it so far

Alpha Male
Demon/Daniel Smith
In human form Daniel is a tall broad shouldered male, it’s clear he has the ability to swing a sword about. He uses spears, maces, swords and arrows. He has short black hair and warm amber eyes. He often wears a blue top with a black jacket and blue jeans with red trainers. In wolf form he is a large smoky grey almost black male. Like his mate he is also rather powerful but not as powerful. He loves Alex with all his heart and will do anything to protect her

Beta Female
Maria/Maria- Maria in human form is a fair skinned, blonde girl with green eyes. She is a little shorter than her Alpha Arctic but slender. She often wears a purple top with a red jacket and a short black skirt with black high heels. In wolf form she is a large silver she wolf

Beta Male

Rose/Rose- In human form Rose is a light ginger haired girl with purple eyes. She is average sized and rather slim. She often wears black skinny jeans with a blue top and white jacket. Her footwear is brown boots. She is not a huge fan of lots of makeup and only wears a charm bracelet on her left wrist. In wolf form she is an attractive golden furred she wolf with a long tail

Calla/Lily- In human form Lily is a pretty slender girl with an impressive bust, she has platinum blonde hair that she puts in a bun with a red rose hair accessory. Her eyes are cornflower blue. She wears a red dress most of the time even though it’s not very practical it goes well with her figure with red stilettos. In wolf form she is a large silver she wolf with streaks of red

Storm/James- In human form James is a gentle and kind young man. He is average height with cropped black hair and smoky grey eyes. He wears mostly black, black trainers, black jacket, black T shirt but call him an emo and beware. In wolf form he is a large black, almost midnight blue male with stormy grey eyes

Hallow/Jess- In human form Jess is a cocky flirty brat. She has fiery red hair that cascades down her back in waves. Her eyes are an odd shade of brown. She wears combat boots and purple blue t shirts. In wolf form she is a russet furred she wolf, she isn't much larger then Rose

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Blood will have blood Empty Re: Blood will have blood

Post  koolkatkoolkat123 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:07 pm

This is chapter 1 its not finished yet because i got really bad writers block when i was writing this

The forest, more of a friendly wood that belonged to the Academy. It was silent, strange. No owl hooted, no mouse squeaked. The forest was deadly quiet. A few trees in, two young wolves of about 3 years old patrolled. Suddenly the Drappa paused and scented the air; she was an unusual female with blue tinged spots and circles marking her white coat. Her partner growled

"He’s not following us Arctic" She snarled, the Drappa’s head whipped round to glare at her. She whined and pinned her ears back lowering herself to the ground. The Drappa named Arctic growled

"Get up Maria, you're cowering like a pathetic Sikla" Arctic muttered, Maria bristled and stood to her full height. Green eyes blazing with a challenge but Arctic dipped her head and smiled. Her words had, had the desired effect "Come let us finish our patrol and then we'll hunt for the pack" She murmured and continued through the forest, Maria swallowed bracing herself

"But Arctic why should we hunt when we have"

"Human food!" Arctic snarled finishing for her, Maria flinched. A Drappas fury was one to avoid even if the Alpha was her best friend but Arctic’s blue eyes softened ever so slightly "Why, Maria, why we hunt instead of merely eating the food placed in front of us in the Academy because that is the way of the wolf" She said gently. Maria frowned "Maria my friend, we may have human skins sometimes but they are just skins, the instinct is what sets us and the humans apart"

For a moment Maria felt rebellious "Then why don't you just shed your skin and be a wolf the whole time?" She asked lifting her head to stare straight into Arctic’s blue eyes. It was a bold thing, to stare straight into a wolfs eyes, an open challenge. Her Alpha growled and Maria worried she would be getting a warning bite

"Because of my pack" Arctic whispered shaking her head sadly, she looked up suddenly. Her blue tinged ear twitched turning to the left. She veered off to the left leading Maria towards the deer herd. She stopped just after the spied the herd; Maria licked her maw much to her disgust. She hated the way she reacted after seeing prey but Arctic looked perfectly content. Maria growled softly, she would never understand the Drappa.

"That one" Arctic murmured after a while nodding to a stag. It was young, with 3 or 4 tines. The Alpha started to stalk her target, Maria followed but she went the other way to cut off the stags escape. A white blur rushed the stag; the poor creature bellowed in terror and started to run. Maria and Arctic ran on either side of it snapping at its heels. Arctic being the larger of the she wolves leaped and raked her claws along its flank. The wolves’ stamina was greater than the deer, soon it sagged exhausted and crashed to the ground. Maria gave a yip of delight and ran forward but Arctic growled at her. Maria ducked her head in embarrassment; in her haste she'd forgotten her rank and rights

The white furred she wolf padded forward and plunged her muzzle into the stag ripping out large chunks of flesh. She shuddered with pleasure, gobbling down the venison growling softly. She finished when her belly was full, glanced briefly at Maria, she inclined her head gracefully. Her hunting partner, a slender silver female with green eyes yipped again, she went to the kill. Arctic watched her friend, she took a few seconds to groom her pelt and wash the blood from her muzzle. The Drappa glanced at their kill; she lifted her proud muzzle and howled, summoning her pack

It didn't take long for the pack to gather, four new wolves joined the she wolves. A russet female leapt forward at the sight of the meat but the largest male, a huge black wolf, growled at her. The rest of the pack was forced to hang back as they waited for the Alpha to have his fill. Arctic watched, amused as the subordinates were finally allowed to eat. They tore at the carcass growling at each other to back off. The black male sat by her and nuzzled her cheek

“A successful hunt" He murmured quietly

"It will be a long time before they eat again after that" Arctic breathed softly rubbing her cheek against his

"And what of the patrols, did you see anything strange? “He asked sounding concerned. Arctic gazed at her mate, her blue eyes clouded "Snowdrop told me to watch out for anything suspicious" He added. Arctic sat up straight, her ears flattened against her skull. Snowdrop was her mother, her packs advisor. If Snowdrop was warning them to be careful then things must be serious but her mate sensing her anxiety and calmed her by licking her cheek. Arctic sighed then frowned

"Where’s Rose?" She asked her blue eyes narrowed. Demon shifted uncomfortably

"She refused to come" He mumbled. Arctic growled, she was not happy "Don't be too hard on her, you know how difficult this is for her" Demon almost pleaded

"Rose will have to come sometime, she’s a born wolf. We can't afford to waste our time trying to be something we're not. We are wolves, we are Putnar." The Drappa said lifting her muzzle proudly. Her ears pricked up at a slight rustle, she whipped round and snarled as Rose walked into the clearing. The she wolfs ears were flat and she lowered herself to the ground as the Alpha towered over her

“You’re too late Rose” She growled “Come at the right time next time or you’ll miss out AGAIN” Arctic warned

Roses belly grumbled “But Arctic I”

“SILENCE!” The Drappa roared “It’s one thing that you don’t come to take your fill but another thing to ignore the summons of your Alpha, perhaps I ought to make you the Omega and be done with it” Rose flinched, every wolf worried about being the weakest. Rose knew she wasn’t weak, she just found the life difficult

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