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Post  Admin on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:21 pm

When you would like to build your stories, please check where you post. Each kind of story should fit into one of the categories within the list on our home page. If it is not, then please let me know so I may add a category for it. Please check where you are posting, to make sure you have it correct.

WIP Stories-Only post stories that are works in progress. These may stay there until they are complete, at which time, simply notify a staff member with power over where you are posting, and tell them where you would like it moved to-either completed stories, or Serious Critiques.

Completed Stories-A completed story can be moved here from the WIP section, so members may read over it and give you some very light feedback/criticism. They can say what they like about it, or something that they think needs a slight amount of work, but it must not be harsh or serious, just light, nothing mean or intimidating or insulting. If you would like a more serious criticism/critique, then notify a staff member with power over the area, and ask them to move it to the serious critiques area.

Serious Critique-This is where someone may have their completed stories placed, in this area, members may post on others stories, detailing what is right and wrong with it, this area may be a bit more harsh and criticizing than completed stories, but still no bullying.

Depending on which level of criticism you want, notify a staff member with power over that category, and tell them what your story is (a link) and where you would like it moved.

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